Giving Back the Beauty of Kitchen Cabinet with Resurface Kitchen Cabinets after Influenced by Termites

It is not impossible that termites can eat wood that is still good and once you get that, you need to resurface kitchen cabinets.

Wood is already well-loved for generations for construction or interior. This material cannot be replaced by other materials because it has special characteristics, especially when it is used for the furniture such as kitchen cabinet.

Termites are small animals that are white and usually they will take rotted wood. Early prevention should be a particular concern because it cannot be separated. The process of the termite-proof for the construction is carried out by spraying or using a brush that is directly applied to the material. Besides using ready-made termite-proof liquid, you can also mix 3 part of oil and 1 part of diesel and then stirred. The mixture is applied evenly throughout the surface of the wood until it is completely dry. After resurface kitchen cabinets is done, do the painting on wood surfaces.

How to resurface kitchen cabinets

If you have exposed wood furniture termites, you should see the level of damage to do how to resurface kitchen cabinets. If it is severe, it should be removed so there is no way for termites again and we can do the injection or liquid coating termite. Once the liquid perfectly dry, do the repairs with caulking parts exposed termites and coat the back with paint or other wood coatings. Parts of furniture that attached on the wall need to be done with paint coating treatment with anti-termite. For wood floors and furniture especially kitchen cabinet, clean them using a special liquid to treat the wood and check and move periodically to the good condition so the goods are always tracked and can be addressed as early as possible.

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If termites have started to attack the furniture or interior especially kitchen cabinet made of wood, you need to resurface kitchen cabinets. Here are tips of how to resurface kitchen cabinets to combat the termites:

  1. Using Kerosene

Just spray the kerosene on wood that has been attacked by termites or also spray in termite nests. For more powerful, you can add lemongrass oil as mixing kerosene.

  1. Using Tobacco

Combine tobacco and water. Let them stand one night so the tobacco juice is fully out. Then spray the mixture on a water timber in the attack or also directly to the termites.

  1. Using Salt

Sprinkle salt in termite nests. However, this way is less effective because the salt is only on the surface. For effective way, mix the salt with water and tobacco. Let them stand for one night and spray or pour in the places that there are termites.

  1. Using Water Lime Betel

Thermal properties of lime would be very dangerous for termites that have a thin and soft skin.

  1. Using Water Used Laundry Rice

Pour water used to wash rice around termite nest.

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