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Make your simple kitchen design look luxury with doing something that simple but means lot

This article describes some of the ways that we can do to bring simple kitchen design from applying the triangle design, ergonomically utilize every inch of the room, to make sure we have adequate storage space, choose a variety of kitchen items that have the functionality and aesthetic value, and always keep the surface clean. There is a series choice for simple kitchen design that we can get by doing a search in several places, including the Internet. The kitchen is one room with the role and function of high so we have to consider carefully everything in it. Choosing the simple kitchen designs of arbitrarily without regard to the availability of space, adequate storage space, and a few other things will only make us get away from the impression that the kitchen tidy. In fact, we will find a kitchen that is messy and full of clutter. Surely this is not something we want, is not it?!. To avoid these things, it’s good to have a good planning.

Simple kitchen design cabinet ideas

First, the design of the triangle – this is a design that puts the sink, oven, and refrigerator within adjacent in the form of a triangle so that we will get a simple kitchen design that will facilitate any work that we do in the kitchen. The third component was chosen because it includes a component that is often used from the kitchen. This is a design concept that has existed since decades ago are widely used because it is considered effective.

Secondly, make sure all items in ergonomic shape – this will greatly we need when we have a kitchen with limited size. For that, we need to utilize every inch of available space including the upper wall of kitchen cabinets, smoke vents, and others. However, be sure also to facilitate access for all family members who wish to use or get it. Make sure the kitchen cabinets within reach so that we do not need to use a ladder or stool as a foothold when wanting something. Take advantage of the top of the kitchen cabinets as a place to store a variety of items that are rarely used, and choose to put the dishes and other kitchen equipment that is often used in an easily accessible place.

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Third, make sure we have enough storage space – to have enough storage space in the kitchen then we will make the kitchen look more neat and organized. We also had the opportunity to make a wide range of kitchen equipment is always kept clean of various kinds of dirt may be attached easily if we allow a wide range of kitchen equipment is not stored properly.

Fourth, make sure that every item has a function that is coupled with aesthetic – to be able to achieve that then make sure we choose items that have a match with the design or style of decoration is applied to the kitchen. Match the items with lighting, colors and other components so that we are able to present a simple kitchen designs we want.

Fifth, be sure to make the surface is always in a clean condition – the cleanliness of the surface will be very important to be able to display a simple kitchen design cabinet. For that, we have to make sure the surface is free of scratches and chipped. Select the type of material to the surface of the material that is smooth and non-porous.

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