Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors Ideas

Refacing the cabinet by simply using replacement kitchen cabinet doors can give a dramatic different to your kitchen. 

Cabinetry is the central point in the kitchen, where you lay the appliances and other fixture.  That’s why making the focal point of your kitchen is needed, in order to create the style of the kitchen.  If you are buying a new house and you find out that the cabinet is not suit your taste you can change them by refacing the cabinet. Reface cabinet is effective way to give your kitchen new look. You can refacing your cabinet by replacing cabinet front drawer and doors or veneering the cabinet boxes. In this case, your kitchen layout stays the same and the cabinet still stays in place. So you do not need to give and extra budget for renovation or demolition.  Some homeowner can make dramatic difference kitchen by simply use replacement kitchen cabinet doors. This simple touch can give it a lift that makes everything seem new.

Replacement kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts

The doors or front drawers are visible component of cabinets and the most used item in your kitchen. The doors also key element in transforming the look of your cabinet. In market nowadays there are a lot of replacement kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts that give you wide range options of style and model.  Remember! Not all cabinet doors are created equal. There are differences qualities of the wood used by manufacturers. The use of machinery in manufacturing process also determines the quality of kitchen cabinet door replacements for your cabinet. The materials that usually used are solid wood, rigid thermofoil and bamboo.  The quality of solid wood/hardwood varies across the country and influenced by the climate. For solid wood options include oak, cherry and maple. You can personalize the look of your solid wood doors with combination of stains, paints, glazes and style of the door. Rigid thermofoil is a thin to medium density fiberboard with layered plastic coating. And the last is bamboo. Bamboo is an attractive option of kitchen cabinet door replacements for refacing cabinets. This is eco-friendly as well.

The other way to change your kitchen look is changing the overlay, where the way the doors lay on cabinet face.  There are two basic types of overlays, standard and full overlay. Standard overlay is traditional overlay that let the face of cabinet box visible and creating frame around the door and drawer. For dull overlay, the cabinet door mounted that make it completely cover the cabinet box with no cabinet frame. You can choose the kitchen cabinet door replacements base on the style you want to bring to your kitchen.

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Full overlays have the cabinet doors mounted so they completely cover the cabinet box with virtually no cabinet frame showing around doors and drawer fronts. This style of overlay offers a sleek, sophisticated and seamless look often used in more contemporary design installations.

You can friendly benefit from this knowledge by ordering your new cabinet doors from a company that supplies demanding customers, like Custom Cabinet Makers and large fine furniture manufacturers. Try and determine if the internet supplier makes his doors in his garage or he actually owns a large factory. Try and determine if the internet supplier makes doors by the millions or by the dozens. While there are hundreds of door styles you can choose, some of the most popular include:

  • Finishes bring out the beauty in doors and showcase your individual style. Select a finish that complements your kitchen’s theme and decor.
  • Stains range from light to dark and bring out the natural beauty in wood by showcasing their individual characteristics.
  • Paint offers an infinite variety of colors to complement virtually any kitchen decor.
  • Glazes add richness, texture and warmth to cabinets, creating soft highlights in corners and recesses.

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